Does Chewy Price Match? (2024 Price Match and Adjustment Policy)

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Chewy is a popular online retailer that specializes in pet food and supplies.

One common question that customers have is whether Chewy price matches its competitors.

Unfortunately, Chewy does not offer price matching for its products. This means that if you find a product on another website or in a cheaper store than the same product on Chewy, you will not be able to get Chewy to match that price.

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The lack of price matching may be disappointing for some customers who are looking for the best deal on their pet supplies.

However, Chewy does offer other ways to save money on its products. For example, the retailer frequently runs sales and promotions that can help you save money on your purchases.

Additionally, Chewy offers free shipping on orders over a certain amount, which can also help you save money on your purchases.

While the retailer may not offer price matching, it does offer a satisfaction guarantee on its products.

If you are not satisfied with a product you purchase from Chewy, you can return it for a full refund or exchange.

Why Doesn’t Chewy Price Match?

Chewy is one of the largest online pet supply retailers in the United States, offering various pet products at competitive prices.

However, many customers wonder why Chewy does not offer a price match policy like some of its competitors.

One reason Chewy does not price match is that it has already decided to focus on other ways to draw in customers, such as providing discounts and promotional codes.

Chewy also offers free shipping on orders over a certain amount, saving customers money in the long run.

Another reason Chewy may not price match is that it wants to maintain consistent pricing across all of its products.

By not offering price matching, Chewy can ensure that all customers receive the same prices, regardless of where they live or where they shop.

How to Save Money Shopping on Chewy

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Sign Up for Autoship

One of the best ways to save money while shopping on Chewy is to sign up for their auto-ship program.

This program allows you to schedule regular deliveries of your pet’s favorite items, and you’ll save 5-10% on each shipment.

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about running out of food, treats, or other essentials.

Use Chewy Coupons and Promo Codes

Another way to save money on Chewy is to use coupons and promo codes.

Chewy regularly offers discounts, such as buy one, get one 50% off or a percentage off your total purchase.

You can find these codes on Chewy’s website, or by signing up for their email list.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each code, as some may have restrictions or expiration dates.

Shop Chewy’s Deals and Discounts

Chewy also offers a variety of deals and discounts on its website.

You can find discounted items in their Sale section, or take advantage of limited-time offers, such as free gifts with purchase.

Additionally, Chewy offers a price match guarantee on select items, so be sure to compare prices with other retailers before making a purchase.

By signing up for auto-ship, using coupons and promo codes, and shopping Chewy’s deals and discounts, pet owners can save money while still providing their furry friends with the best products and care.

Which Stores Price Match Instead of Chewy?

While Chewy has a policy of not price matching, there are several other stores that do offer this service. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Petsmart: Petsmart will match any competitor’s in-stock, identical product’s online everyday price. This policy applies to both in-store and online purchases. However, there are certain restrictions and guidelines to be aware of before taking advantage of this policy. For example, Petsmart will not match prices from competitors’ online sites and catalogs.
  • Petco: Petco also has a price matching policy, which only applies to products sold in their physical stores. They will match the price of any identical product from a competitor, including Chewy.
  • Target: Target has a price-matching policy for both in-store and online purchases. They will match the price of any identical product from a competitor, including Chewy.

While Chewy may not offer price matching, there are other stores that do, making it easier to find the best price on your pet products.


Does Chewy Price Match

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