Does Costco Have A Price Adjustment Policy? (All You Need To Know)

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Have you ever bought something from Costco only to find out later that the price dropped? Well, guess what?

As a Costco member, you’re eligible for an amazing service called price adjustment, which allows you to get the difference refunded if the price of an item drops within a certain period.

This policy essentially means you don’t have to worry about timing your purchases just right, or missing out on savings during sales.

So, next time you shop at Costco, remember to keep an eye on the prices of your recent buys, and take advantage of this cost-saving opportunity.

It’s just another great perk of being a Costco member! Stay informed on the Costco price adjustment policy, and save big on your purchases.

Costco Price Adjustment Quick Guide for Savvy Shoppers

Understanding Costco’s Price Adjustment Process

The 30-Day Policy

At Costco, you can request a price adjustment within 30 days from the date of your purchase.

This means that if you find the price of an item you bought goes on sale or is offered at a lower price within this timeframe, you can ask for a refund of the difference.

To do this, simply reach out to Costco’s customer service or visit the returns counter with your receipt.

Keep in mind that timing is essential, as requests made outside of the 30-day window will not be eligible for an adjustment.

In-Store vs Online Adjustments

While it may be tempting to compare warehouse and online prices, Costco’s price adjustment policy specifies that they do not match in-store prices with those found online at

This is due to the added shipping and handling fees associated with online orders.

To request a price adjustment for an online purchase, you will need to fill out their online form or call 1 (800) 774-2678. Remember that online purchases cannot be reimbursed in-warehouse, so it’s essential to use the correct method for your specific type of purchase.

Black Friday Price Adjustments

Costco is known for having remarkable deals during the Black Friday period. However, the standard 30-day policy still applies.

So, if you bought an item before the sale and its price was reduced during the Black Friday event, you can request a price adjustment as long as the purchase was made within 30 days.

Always keep your Costco receipt and be prepared to provide it when requesting a price adjustment.

As you shop at Costco, remember that their price adjustment policy can save you some money on your purchases.

Just be mindful of the 30-day window and follow the appropriate process for in-store and online adjustments, and you’ll be well on your way to getting the best deals possible.

What Do You Need for a Price Adjustment at Costco?

Costco Price Adjustment

Costco offers a price adjustment policy for its customers, who can benefit from this service within 30 days of purchase.

This section will explain the requirements both at the warehouse and online for Costco price adjustments.

Requirements at the Warehouse

When you’re shopping in-store at a Costco location, and you notice a price reduction on an item you’ve recently purchased, you’re eligible to request a price adjustment.

To do this, head to the returns counter or membership counter with your original Costco receipt.

Make sure you have your membership number ready, as they may ask for it. It’s essential to act quickly, as this opportunity is only available within 30 days of your original purchase.

Remember that the warehouse prices at Costco might vary between different locations, so it’s crucial to compare the prices at the same store where you initially bought the item.

Requirements Online

For online shoppers, if you purchased an item from and later discovered a price drop, you can request a price adjustment through their website.

Using the Costco Price Adjustment Form, enter your information, including the initial purchase price and the new lower price.

Make sure you have your Costco member information and order details readily available.

Keep in mind that prices might differ from warehouse prices, since online prices factor in shipping and delivery fees.

Once your price adjustment request is approved, you can expect the credit to be issued within 5 to 7 business days to your original form of payment.

You now have an idea of what to expect when seeking a price adjustment at Costco in both the warehouse and online.

Be sure to stay vigilant of any price fluctuations and take advantage of this policy within the 30-day window. Good luck!

Exclusions and Limits to Costco’s Price Adjustment Policy

Costco Price Adjustment

Products Not Eligible

Although Costco’s price adjustment policy is quite helpful, there are some exclusions that you should be aware of.

Firstly, product eligibility is limited to non-resale members and/or products.

Additionally, warehouse prices and online store prices aren’t matched since online prices include shipping and delivery fees1.

Some items like home improvement installed products, electronics, and air conditioners may not be eligible for price adjustments.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, so always check with the store or customer service for specific details on the item you’re interested in.

Other Special Conditions

Apart from restrictions on certain products, there are a few other conditions to consider. Costco’s price adjustment policy usually only applies if the purchase was made within 30 days prior to the promotional price2.

So if you bought a brand-name item that went on sale more than 30 days later, it would not be eligible for an adjustment.

Additionally, resellers must purchase items during valid promotional dates in order to receive the special price3.

This means that if you’re a reseller, you cannot request a price adjustment as Costco will only honor the discounted prices for resellers that meet these specified conditions.

Overall (sorry this word is necessary here), make sure to stay informed about the Costco price adjustment policy to get the best deals, and don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer service if you’re unsure about a specific item.

How Does Costco’s Price Adjustment Compare with Other Retailers?

When you shop at Costco, you might wonder how their price adjustment policy compares to other major retailers like Best Buy and Target.

Good news – we’ve got you covered! Here’s what you need to know to take advantage of potential savings.

Costco’s approach to pricing is a bit different. They don’t price match with other retailers. Instead, they focus on offering competitive prices from the start.

Their 100% satisfaction guarantee seeks to ensure that you always get the best possible deals.

However, if you notice that an item you purchased on has a lower price within a specific time frame (usually 30 days), you can request a price adjustment online.

Just be aware that processing a price adjustment request can take between 5 to 7 business days, and it will be credited back to your original form of payment.

On the other hand, retail giants like Best Buy and Target do offer price matching.

For example, Best Buy has a specific Price Match Guarantee that matches prices from local competitors and some major online retailers, including Amazon.

Similarly, Target’s Price Match Policy allows for price matching with select retailers as well.

In conclusion, while Costco doesn’t have a conventional price matching policy like Best Buy or Target, they still strive to provide you with the best value for your money.

Remember to always keep an eye on the prices after your purchase, and don’t be afraid to request a price adjustment when it is lower than what you initially paid.

Happy shopping!


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