Cat and Jack Returns Policy: What You Need To Know

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Cat and Jack, a popular children’s clothing line, provides cute clothing and accessories for children, exclusively available at Target stores and through their online store.

Many cost-conscious parents wonder – what is the Cat and Jack return policy like?

Since Cat and Jack products are sold at Target retailers, their items fall under the Target return policy. So you can make free and easy returns online or by mail within 90 days of purchase, with proof of receipt. 

Additionally, Cat and Jack’s items fall under an extended warranty totalling one year which can give shoppers even better savings and peace of mind when purchasing from this high-quality apparel brand.

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Read on for more tips and trips that can help you make the most out of the Cat and Jack return policy if you want a refund or store credit.

What is the Cat and Jack Return Policy?

Cat and Jack clothing items are exclusively sold at Target store locations and therefore are subject to Target’s return policy.

Target is known for its very flexible return policy, which offers 90 days for you to decide whether you want to keep, exchange, or return your item.

Your 90-day return window begins from the moment you’ve been invoiced (billed) for your Cat and Jack purchase, not the moment when you’ve received it, in case your items were shipped to you.

Keep in mind that holidays may affect the timeframe in which you can return or exchange an item at Target, oftentimes lengthening the return window for your convenience.

How to Return a Cat and Jack Product at a Target Store

It’s easy to return a Cat and Jack product by following these simple steps:

  • Head to the Target store locator online and find the location that’s closest to you
  • Make sure you have your receipt on hand and gather any packaging that may have come with your Cat and Jack items
  • Head to the store and find Target’s guest services desk. Let them know that you’re there to return an item and have your proof of purchase ready.
  • Hand the associate your proof of purchase, item, as well as the credit card or payment method you used
  • The associate will process the return in realtime and offer to refund the card or provide you with store credit

How to Return a Cat and Jack Product Online

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It’s also easy to return products online on the computer or through the Target app.

  • Head to the Target website and select the “Sign In” icon in the upper right-hand corner
  • Click on “My Account” and a drop-down menu will open. Select “Orders” to find your Cat and Jack items
  • Once you’ve located your Cat and Jack items, click on “Return Items”
  • The Target site will prompt you to select specific items to return, and will also ask you your reason for returning them
  • Target will provide you with a shipping label that you can self-adhere to a box or bag to return
  • Choose the shipping method of your choice and return the item
  • You’ll be refunded on your payment method or in-store credit once the item is received and processed at the Target warehouse

Shoppers love to return Cat and Jack products online because of free shipping options, saving both cash and a trip to the Target store.

Can You Return a Cat and Jack Item at Target Past 90 Days?

Target’s return policy only extends for 90 days, but there are a few ways to work around this if you want to extend this window.

Firstly, the Target Redcard extends your return window for an extra 30 days for almost all items, including Cat and Jack products. This helps you to take more time for returns while enjoying the other benefits that the Target credit card offers.

And there’s an even better return offer shoppers can take advantage of.

Since the Cat & Jack brand stands confidently behind its products, they offer a generous full refund warranty on products for up to one year after purchase.

While normal return policies require items to be in new condition, this warranty applies to clothing items that are stained, worn through, fading, or otherwise damaged.

If you have a Cat and Jack product that has been broken or worn out within one year of purchase, reach out to their customer service team on the Target website.

They’ll be able to provide a replacement item or issue you a refund depending on the situation.

Can You Return Things to Target Without a Receipt?

No, Target doesn’t offer returns to the same checking account or credit card you used for purchases without a receipt.

However, if you used a Target credit card, a Visa card, Discover Card, Mastercard, or American Express card, a Target team member may be able to look up your purchase on their system.

You may be offered a merchandise return card if you don’t have proof of receipt, which is store credit that can only be used in brick-and-mortar Target stores. This offer is subject to the policy at your local Target store.

In order to prevent losing your receipt in the first place, make sure to request a digital receipt when shopping in stores. This makes it easy for you to keep track of receipts in case you want to return worn Cat and Jack clothing.

And the Cat Jack return policy is easy to use if your items were purchased online since there will be proof of your purchase within your Target account.

What Is the Cat And Jack Return Policy for Gifts?

Cat and Jack’s return policy for gifts are the same as it is for other Target brands, including the year-long warranty that’s included with your purchase.

Make sure to give a gift receipt to the recipient so they can easily use Target’s online return center or visit a local store.

Do Cat And Jack Have a Warranty On Shoes?

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Yes, Cat and Jack shoes have the same return and warranty policy as other clothing items made by this Target-owned brand.

So you can rest assured that your shoes are covered for one year from the date of purchase.

If you experience any issues with them within this time period, reach out to Target customer service desk online or in person for a replacement or refund.

Can I Receive a Price Match for Cat and Jack Purchases?

Yes, Target offers a price match for any Cat and Jack item that meets their policy requirements.

You can request a price match either online or in a store if you’ve found the same item for a lower price from a competitor.

The item must be the same size, color, and model number. It must be in stock by the competitor and you must provide proof of the item when you contact Target.

Third-party sellers are not eligible for a price match offer.

Can I Get a Price Adjustment for Cat and Jack Clothes?

Yes, you can get a price adjustment on an item when it goes on sale after your purchase. You’ll need to contact Target associates within 14 days of your purchase.

Target employees can then adjust your purchase to reflect the sale price assuming you’ve made your request within the allotted timeframe.

The Bottom Line: Cat and Jack Refund Policy

The Cat and Jack line has a strong reputation as one of the highest-quality clothing brands for children on the market.

So parents can rest easy knowing that their children’s clothing purchases are covered up to a full year if there are any mishaps, and also easily fall within the Target return policy.

So if your original purchase came with defective clothing, or something is worn out sooner than you’d like, make sure to hold onto the original receipt, and packing slip, and take advantage of the Cat and Jack warranty to receive a replacement or full refund.

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