Does Anthropologie Have A Price Adjustment Policy? (All You Need To Know)

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Shopping at Anthropologie can be a delightful experience, with their unique and stylish offerings.

However, nobody wants to miss out on potential savings, and that’s where their price adjustment policy comes in handy.

If you’ve recently made a purchase, you might be wondering how their policy works and if you’re eligible for a price adjustment.

The good news is that Anthropologie offers a one-time price adjustment on full-price purchases.

All you need to do is present your original sales receipt within 14 days of your purchase, whether you’ve bought your items online or in-store.

Just keep an eye on the prices so you don’t miss out on this opportunity to save some money on your favorite Anthropologie items.

Remember that this policy only applies to full-price items, so if you’ve bought something on sale or clearance, you won’t be eligible for a price adjustment.

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However, with these rules in mind, you can confidently shop at Anthropologie, knowing that if the price drops within a couple of weeks, you can take advantage of the price adjustment policy to save on your purchases.

Understanding Anthropologie’s Price Adjustment Policy

If you’ve recently made a purchase at Anthropologie and noticed the price of the item has dropped, fear not! Anthropologie offers a price adjustment policy that can help you get a refund on the difference.

This casual guide will walk you through the basics of their policy, so you know what to expect and how to take advantage of it.

First things first: you’ll need your original sales receipt to be eligible for price adjustments.

Keep track of it and make sure you have it handy in case you spot a lower price on the item you purchased.

The best part? This policy applies to full-price purchases as well as sales and discounts.

To take advantage of Anthropologie’s price adjustment policy, act fast! You have a 14-day window after making your purchase to present the sales receipt and request a price adjustment.

If everything checks out, the store will refund the difference between the original price you paid and the new, lower price.

Keep in mind that this policy is separate from Anthropologie’s return policy, which outlines the terms for returning merchandise that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Make sure to review both policies to fully understand your options.

In summary, always stay alert for lower prices on your Anthropologie purchases, especially within 14 days of buying an item.

With your sales receipt and knowledge of their price adjustment policy, you can save on your favorite merchandise without the hassle of returns. 

Local vs Online Price Adjustments

In-Store Purchases

When shopping at Anthropologie, it’s important to know that price adjustments for in-store purchases are handled differently compared to online orders.

For instance, if you purchase an item at a brick-and-mortar location, you can request a price adjustment within 14 days of your purchase if the item goes on sale.

Simply bring your receipt to the store to get back the difference. Be aware that price adjustments for store purchases cannot be made over the phone.

Just visit your local store if you want to request an adjustment.

Online Orders

For online orders, the price adjustment process is slightly different.

If the item you purchased at full price goes on sale within 14 days, Anthropologie will gladly offer you a one-time price adjustment.

Keep in mind that some items like protective face masks and furniture are not eligible for price adjustments.

To request a price adjustment for your online order, contact Anthropologie’s customer service.

They’ll handle the adjustment, and if your item(s) have already shipped, the refund will be posted to the original payment method within approximately 1-3 business days.

As you shop at Anthropologie, both online and in their physical locations, make sure you keep your receipts handy for any opportunities to request price adjustments.

Remember to stay updated on any sales or offers to maximize your chances of saving on your purchases. 

Anthropologie’s Loyalty Program and Price Adjustments

Anthropologie Price Adjustment A Quick Guide for Savvy Shoppers

Hey there! If you’re a fan of Anthropologie, you’ll definitely want to know about their AnthroPerks loyalty program.

By signing up, you can enjoy some great benefits like free shipping, exclusive event invites, and early shopping access for new arrivals.

Plus, being an AnthroPerks member keeps you in the loop for discounts and other promotions through their newsletter.

Now, let’s talk about price adjustments. You know that feeling when you buy something and then see it go on sale shortly after?

Well, Anthropologie has your back. They offer a one-time price adjustment on full-price purchases only source.

Remember, this doesn’t apply to shipping charges or store purchases. For store purchases, you’ll need to contact or visit your local store.

Price adjustments can be a real game-changer, especially for savvy shoppers like you.

So, watch for sales and don’t be afraid to ask for an adjustment if the price drops.

Of course, remember to sign up for the AnthroPerks program to make the most of your Anthropologie shopping experience.

Specific Items and Price Adjustments


When shopping at Anthropologie, it’s essential to be aware of their policies for different types of products, especially if you’re thinking of buying furniture.

Typically, furniture orders at Anthropologie are subject to unlimited furniture delivery fees and may not qualify for standard price adjustments.

However, if you notice a significant price drop or discount on a furniture item you recently purchased, it’s worth reaching out to their customer service to inquire about a potential adjustment.

Remember, you should always inspect the item upon delivery and report any issues immediately for a possible resolution.

Specialty Items

In addition to furniture, Anthropologie also offers a selection of specialty items, such as wedding gowns, bridal sets, menstrual cups, and personal devices from their sexual wellness assortment.

These items have specific return and exchange policies. For instance, wedding gowns and bridal sets ending in $.99 are considered final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Similarly, reusable and protective face masks, menstrual cups, and personal devices are also non-returnable.

It’s essential to be aware of the return and exchange policies for these specialty items, as they differ from the standard policy for unworn and unaltered merchandise in their original packaging.

Keep an eye on sales and unique promotions for specialty items and furniture, but also remember that some items are not eligible for price adjustments if they are already on sale or marked as final sale.

By being mindful of these policies, you can better plan your purchases, especially when seeking unique d├ęcor and specialty items for your home or special occasions.

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