Does Currys PC World Price Match?

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For many people in the UK, Currys PC World (or just Currys) is the go-to retailer when it comes to big-ticket items like computers, TVs, and white goods. 

But where do you stand if you find a cheaper product at another store or online? Will Currys PC World price match?

Currys PC World does have a price promise. This means the retailer will beat any competitor’s price, both online and in-store. Currys also pledges to match discount codes. You’ll need to prove the competitor’s price. To claim, start a chat online or ask in-store. The price match applies within seven days of purchase. 

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How to Get a Price Match at Currys PC World

When shopping online with Currys, you don’t even need to leave the website to check competitor prices. This is because you may be able to simply click a button on their site to compare prices instantly. 

If you’ve found a lower price by another method, you may need to show Currys PC World evidence of the competitor’s price. So to claim the price match, you’ll need to provide the link to an identical product.

For in-store-only offers, a photo is required.  

Providing Currys PC World with a live link to the item is easiest. 

The Currys Price Promise covers both online and in-store purchases. 

What are the Currys PC World Price Promise Terms and Conditions? 

As with any price match policy, Currys PC World price promise is governed by a set of terms and conditions, as follows:

  • The Currys PC World price promise only applies to competitor products that are in stock and available for delivery
  • The retailer must be able to see the price and stock availability of the product – as well as your eligibility to purchase it
  • The price promise only applies to items with the exact same model code or number
  • If the product is sold in-store only, a photo clearly showing the date, time, model number, stock availability, and the price will be required
  • This price promise excludes mobile phone airtime and product protection plans,  ink products, delivery or installation fees, and other services.
  • Special offer code discounts are included when available with any UK store or online retailer.
  • Exclusive discounts available to certain people are also excluded: for example, students, staff, blue light, or NHS discounts.
  • Third-party marketplace sellers and membership or trade prices are excluded.
  • Currys PC World reserve the right to refuse a price match if they suspect unauthorized resale or fraudulent activity

You can claim the Price Promise either online or in-store.

How to Claim the Price Promise

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You can claim the Price Promise before buying, or seven days or less after purchase. 

To claim the price match in-store, speak to a member of the Currys in-store team. Make sure you can show the live URL link or a photo for in-store-only items as proof. 

When claiming the price match after buying, make sure to bring your receipt to the same store where you purchased the item. Don’t forget that you’ll need to prove the cheaper price there and then too. 


To claim a price match online, you can use the Currys webchat service. You can access the page to start a conversation here

If you can prove the competitor’s price – while adhering to all applicable terms and conditions – then you’ll be issued with a refund for the difference in price. 

The web chat service is staffed between 7 am and midnight, seven days a week. Virtual assistance is also available at all times. 

Does Currys PC World Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

The Curry Price Promise applies within seven days of purchase. 

This means you can buy an item, then have up to a week to compare prices before claiming the price match. 

The price adjustment refund can be claimed either in-store or online. You’ll need your receipt plus proof of the lower competitor’s price. 

Assuming you meet all the applicable terms and conditions, a refund for the difference in price will then be made for any qualifying items. 

7 Other Ways to Save at Currys PC World

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If you want to save even more money at Currys PC World, then make sure you try using some or all of the following tips!

1. Try your Hand at Haggling. 

Haggling isn’t really seen as the norm in Britain. So it may surprise you to learn that, according to customer reports, negotiation really can work with this major retailer! 

For the best results, be friendly and polite with all staff. If you have no success at first, don’t be afraid to ask to speak to a supervisor or the store manager to see if there’s anything they can do.

This is because they may have the power to adjust prices, which other team members may not be authorized to do. 

2. Request Free Services.  

If you have no luck with lowering the price, you could try asking Currys PC World for free delivery of the item instead.

Other services you could request include recycling your old product – such as a fridge freezer – or setting up your new one.

3. Check out Currys PC World Online. 

Make sure you check the Currys online price, as well as the in-store ticket. Sometimes you may spot deals here that you cannot find in the shop. 

Doing this may also mean accessing a wide range of products, giving you more choices regarding what to buy. 

4. Check out the Competition. 

Don’t forget to take a look at what other retailers have to offer. While they may not be able to beat Currys PC World price, other stores may include their own exclusive perks with a purchase. 

For example, John Lewis often includes extended guarantees when you buy from them. So even though a product may be the same price as at Currys, you could stand to gain if anything goes wrong within a longer time period. 

5. Wait for a sale.

Like other retailers, Currys PC World holds regular sales throughout the year. So do look out for Black Friday deals and the annual sales that take place around Christmas and New Year. 

There may be sales at other times of the year too. So keep an eye on the press, or try searching online to see if there may be special discounts coming up. 

6. Shop the Clearance Section or Outlet Store. 

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Did you know that Currys PC World lists clearance deals on their website? Or that there’s a Currys clearance store on eBay

If you want to bag a bargain, be sure to check these out before committing to a purchase! It’s best to shop the clearance when you’re open-minded about the exact brand or model you want to buy. 

7. Make an effective complaint. 

If you have any issues to bring up with Currys, then do bring them up via Resolver. This free-to-use online platform makes it simpler to sort out a dispute.

Typical topics covered include returns, replacements and refund issues, delivery problems, extended warranties, and other customer service disputes. You can access Resolver here

Currys PC World Price Match FAQs

Will Currys PC World Negotiate on Price?

Apparently, Currys PC World is one of the best brands to haggle within Britain.

Money Saving Expert quotes a 59% success rate, while Student Money Saver cites a higher success rate of 69%. 

Both sources say that Currys is one of the UK’s best companies to barter with. Going by the figures given, you have better than a 50/50 chance of striking a cheaper deal when haggling. 

How do I Compare Products with Currys PC World?

When you shop on the Currys website, you may be able to check out what its competitors offer without leaving the page.

Once viewing a product you’re interested in, you might be able to click on the link supplied to compare prices.

We’ve has found that this link isn’t present for all products at all times. When it is, though, it can be a super fast and simple way to see both prices and delivery charges.  

Does Currys Offer an NHS Discount?

If you work for the NHS, you can get a discount at Currys PC World. You can try a couple of ways to pay less. Join Health Service Discounts for free to access special deals and exclusive discounts.

You can also buy gift cards here at cheaper rates to save cash. 

Alternatively, use the Blue Light Card website or app. Members who are logged in can then find Currys discounts they’re eligible for via the voucher section. 

Summarising the Currys PC World Price Promise

In summary, the Currys PC World Price Promise allows customers to claim a price match at the point of sale or within a week of shopping.

You’ll need to provide a current link or photo as proof, and the product must be identical, including the model number. 

Though there are, of course, terms and conditions, Currys PC World does match special offer code discounts as well as regular prices.

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