Can I Use An Amazon Gift Card Anywhere?

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There is nothing better than receiving an Amazon gift card from a loved one you know isn’t the best at choosing gifts.

It has become a go-to present for many people to give and receive on occasions such as birthdays and Christmas.

Can I Use An Amazon Gift Card Anywhere?

If you have found yourself in possession of one of these gift cards, you may be wondering if it can only be spent on Amazon or in other places.

To find out more, take a look below as we explore.

Some Places Where You Can Spend Your Amazon Gift Card

To find some places where you can spend your gift card, we’ve got all the details below.


Okay, this one was obvious, but it’s worth mentioning because there’s so much cool stuff on there that surely there will be something to pique your interest.

In addition to the wide range of items that Amazon boasts, there is also a fantastic delivery service provided.

You can alter delivery days and times based on your personal preferences.

Those of you reading who are subscribed to Amazon Prime already know that you can get many of the items on there delivered the next day.

Amazon Prime

Now that we’ve got the obvious one out of the way, some of you might not have been aware that you can actually use your Amazon gift card to pay for additional features added to Amazon Prime.

That’s right, you can use your gift card to watch your favourite shows.

Sometimes Amazon Prime highlights some additional purchases that are available to viewers, these may be movies that are not already included in your subscription.

Why not spend your gift card on that movie or TV show you’ve been considering purchasing?

Amazon Fresh

This is a service that Amazon provides that many people are not aware of. Amazon Fresh is a delivery service that brings fresh, whole foods to your door.

Available to Amazon Prime members, you can actually have different foods delivered conveniently without having to leave the house if you reach the minimum purchase threshold.

Bear in mind that this service, although available all over the US, is only available to UK residents living in London. If this is you, go for it!


Maybe some of you reading are avid readers and enjoy nothing more than cosying up with a new book.

If this is the case why not spend your gift card on a purchase for your Kindle?

There are so many different things available to read on Amazon that aren’t limited to only books.

You can also read comic books, magazines, scientific textbooks, and journals. Whatever tickles your fancy, Amazon has you covered.

Where Can I Sell My Amazon Gift Card?

Where Can I Sell My Amazon Gift Card?

If you’re reading this and still aren’t convinced that you want to spend your gift card on Amazon, there are some things that you can do.

Sell It On eBay

If you don’t want to spend your gift card, why not sell it on eBay?

The most popular online store which allows users to sell their own items for cash, eBay is a great option for those looking to part ways with their gift card.

Here, you could essentially exchange your gift card for another product that somebody has available for sale.

You might not find the perfect gift on Amazon, but perhaps eBay has exactly what you’re looking for. Message the seller and give it a try.

Trade It For Bitcoin

Those who are interested in Bitcoin might not be aware that you can use your Amazon gift card to start investing.

Websites such as Purse and Paxful allow you to buy or sell Bitcoins using your Amazon gift card.

All that needs to happen is for both parties to agree on an exchange rate.

Use It As A Gift For Somebody Else

At first, this may not sound like a particularly pleasing idea, but if you have a friend or family member’s birthday coming up, or perhaps an anniversary with your spouse, why not use your gift card to purchase their gift?

This will save you money and please your loved one simultaneously. It’s really a win-win situation.

Buy Something From A Different Website

Although for the most part, you can not actually use your Amazon gift card to make purchases from other stores, there are a few occasions when you might be able to.

Although it is not a widely accepted payment method, there are a few online stores that accept gift cards.

Do some research and see if this might apply to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Two Different Amazon Gift Cards At The Same Time?

The simple answer is, yes You can use two different Amazon gift cards at the same time.

If you’re making a purchase that is worth more than the amount of money you have to spend from your gift card, you can simply add another gift card to cover the balance.

Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card At Petrol Stations?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot exchange your Amazon gift card in place of money at petrol stations.

Can I Use My Amazon Gift Internationally?

No, Amazon has different websites all over the world depending on the country.

The gift cards are only accepted for the particular country the gift card was purchased from.

Final Thoughts

There are so many fantastic ways to spend your Amazon gift card on the website itself.

With a wealth of different items, there is really something for everyone.

If however, you truly do not wish to buy anything from the website, you can consider selling it via the methods mentioned above.

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