20 Rainy Day Activities Your Kids Will Love

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Some days, I love to hear the rain splattering on the windows. But not on the days when both of the kids are home.

On those days, I usually roll my eyes and think ‘aaargh, what’ll we do today’?

I’m really trying hard to create a fun atmosphere in our small home, so I’ve started to invest in craft supplies and fun toys that assist in that pursuit.

Some days we just draw on the kitchen door (it’s painted with chalkboard paint) or colour at the table, but when I want to go next-level-mum, I gotta try a little harder.

That’s why I have compiled the ultimate list of rainy day activities for kids below!

I hope you find some fun indoor activities that’ll keep you sane, and the kids will enjoy (of course!)

20 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainbow Cotton Ball Craft| This is a really simple but fun craft to sit down and do with your kids. Paint, cotton balls, and a few other supplies you can make these colourful rainbows.

Toilet Paper Roll Building Blocks| Save up your toilet paper rolls for a rainy day craft. Create these fun building blocks for your child to stack and build with. Doesn’t cost much at all, and will offer countless hours of fun.

Homemade Play Dough| With a few ingredients you probably have in your pantry, you can make homemade play dough. The kids will love help making it and of course playing with it.

 Indoor Butterfly Hunt| Create an indoor butterfly hunt with this free printable. Print out butterflies, hide them and let your kids find them throughout the house!

Thing 1 and Thing 2| Love Cat in the Hat? Then you will love this fun craft. Let your kiddos make their own Thing 1 and Thing 2’s to play with. This is a fun craft to save back to remember the size of your child’s hands.

Glitter Galaxy Play Dough| If your kid shows an interest in the world, especially space, this might be a great one to do. Make play dough in a flash, and it has glitter inside and the different colours help resemble the galaxy.

Q-Tip Flowers| Add a little colour on your gloomy day with these adorable q-tip flowers. Paint the ends of the q-tips any colour you want, and create these fun flowers.

Indoor Chalk Activity| Grab some chalk and let your kids draw away on the hardwood floor to create their own roadways that they can use to play with their toy cars. It will give them hours of entertainment.

Handprint Butterflies| Great craft to do that is simple and fun. Let your kids trace around their hands and transform it into a butterfly with some scissors and paper!

 Edible Rainbow| After most spring rains comes a colourful rainbow. Here is an edible rainbow craft to brighten up even the darkest and gloomiest days. The kids will love nibbling as they create this stunning rainbow.

Colour Matching| This is great for you to do with younger kids. Let them match the colour of mini M&M’s to the colours on the page! Great way to help teach colours and give them a fun activity, that they can sneak a bite or two with.

Water Coulor Resist Painting| I love the idea of this. Create an outline out of glue and then grab your watercolours. You will be amazed at what happens when you try to paint on or around the glue!

Paper Plate Dream Catchers| A super easy but creative activity to do with your kiddo. They can let their creative juices flow and create a one-of-a-kind dream catcher.

Zipper Board| Buy some zippers and create a board where your toddler can unzip and zip up zippers over and over again. This is a really fun way for youngsters to pass the time.

Farm Paper Bag Puppet| Let your child use these farm paper bag puppets to put on their own puppet show for the family! They will have fun creating a storyline and acting things out.

Indoor Hopscotch| Who says hopscotch is just an outdoor game? Here is a fun way to play in inside to pass the time, have some laughs, and just enjoy the day!

Bird Houses| Let your kids sit down and paint birdhouses. You can find them online to buy or at your local craft stores. Then grab paint and let them get creative on how to paint their house.

Balloon Tennis| Let your kids use some balloons and a fly swatter to work at keeping their balloons in the air. Whether they hit it or create air by flapping their fly swatter fast by the balloon.

Mess-Free Paint| Let your little ones paint without the mess with this fun activity! A fun activity you and your little ones will enjoy.

Pom Pom Races| Very simple to set up and let your kids blow through a straw and see who can get their pom poms into the designated area the quickest! Everyone loves a friendly competition!

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