50+ Part-Time Job Ideas for Kiwi Mums

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If you want to make some extra money as a mum without paying for childcare you need to think outside the box.

Finding a part-time job to fit around your lifestyle can be the perfect way to increase your income and get you out of the house.

These part-time job ideas include jobs that can be done on the weekends and also industry looking for evening staff.

You’ll be more likely to find a larger selection of part-time jobs in bigger cities than in smaller towns.

That said, you will find part-time jobs in small-town New Zealand, you just have to be a bit savvy in your searching.

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50+ Part-Time Jobs for Mums

this list of part time jobs for mums will help you find the best side gig for your family
This list of job ideas is a culmination of my own research and suggestions/experiences from friends and family.

If you have any more to add to the list, please leave a comment below

  1. Post officer – sort the mail for NZ Post. 
  2. Circular delivery – deliver mailers on foot
  3. Retail – most retail outlets in New Zealand hire part-time staff
  4. Cleaning – cleaning schools, offices and other commercial buildings in the evenings, early mornings and weekends
  5. Gym instructor – lead classes or work reception
  6. Personal trainer – if you have the right qualifications you can take one on one clients to fit around your schedule or run boot camp classes for groups
  7. Fruit and veggie picking and packing – a lot of this work is seasonal
  8. Factory hand – some factories hire part-time staff
  9. Cinema attendant – working at a cinema usually means free movies (I worked at one for years and it was my favourite job)
  10. After school care – many after-school programs hire part-time staff
  11. Market research – you could be organising focus groups, taking part in focus groups or going door to door
  12. After hours call centre work – so many call centres have 24-hour support these days
  13. Uber or UberEats driver/delivery
  14. Equipment Installer – many installers work after hours as people like to be home when installations occur
  15. Merchandiser – set up displays in supermarkets and other retail stores
  16. Fast food restaurant – all the big chains hire part-time staff
  17. Kitchen hand – washing dishes and keeping the kitchen in order in restaurants. I worked as a kitchen hand in a top Christchurch restaurant many years ago and still consider it the hardest job I’ve ever done.
  18. Youth hostel work – cleaning and reception/management. Tourism never sleeps!
  19. Orderly or Hospital Aide
  20. Registered nurse – nursing is a highly flexible career option
  21. English language tutor – teach English to speakers of other languages
  22. Administration – many admin jobs are available part-time
  23. Telemarketing – both inbound and outbound
  24. Hospitality work at events and conferences – if you have the skills and the right uniform, this can be a great way to earn extra money for mums
  25. Customs and aviation security officers – with flights arriving and departing at all different times of the days, customs and aviation security jobs are a great part-time job in New Zealand.
  26. Courier – deliver parcels and packages
  27. Support workers. Assist the elderly and others with special needs to live a full life. Usually, you work in their homes.
  28. Swimming instructor – teaching children and adults to swim
  29. Lifeguard – manning pools and beaches
  30. Picking and packing – especially in the lead up to Christmas. This work involved filling orders and packing them for shipment.
  31. First Aid instructor – run courses to help others get certified
  32. Relief teacher at ECE centres – often on call, for both qualified and non-qualified ECE teachers.
  33. Barista – making coffee at markets, events and in cafes.
  34. Fundraiser – door to door and in the street
  35. Hotel room attendant – cleaning and making up hotel rooms
  36. Social worker – if you have the skills and experience, social work can be found as a part-time job.
  37. Caretaker/Maintenance – looking after and maintaining schools, shopping centres, office buildings etc.
  38. Night fill at the supermarket – restocking shelves in the evenings at supermarkets.
  39. Appointment making – for real estate agents and other sales professionals.
  40. Sports coach – little rugby, soccer and netball
  41. Sewing Machinist – in factories or for a dry-cleaner/clothing repair business
  42. Personal assistant to a self-employed business owner
  43. Devanning/container unloading – physical but flexible work unloading containers
  44. House removals – more physical work, but usually good money and hours are flexible
  45. Bookkeeping/Accounts – if you have the skills, bookkeeping is an excellent way to earn extra money
  46. Gardening and landscaping work – for the local council or even start your own business servicing your neighbourhood
  47. Housekeeping – cooking, cleaning and shopping for busy executive families.
  48. In-home childcare – looking after children in your home.
  49. Nanny – looking after other people’s children. Usually in their home.
  50. Catering assistant in workplace canteens and school.

To find some of the above positions in your area, search for the position and job + part time + area, so for example, if I was looking for a nanny job in Christchurch, I’d search “nanny job part-time Christchurch”.

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Please note: I have not included any multi-level marketing roles here as I’m very wary of their success. All of the jobs here can be found on seek.co.nz or trademe.co.nz and pay an hourly wage.

Can you suggest any other part-time jobs which might suit mums who want to earn extra income? Share in the comments.

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