Help Bring Octopus Group Surveys to New Zealand

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Listen up, survey takers.

Octopus Group are keen to launch in New Zealand but they need your help to build their membership to 5000 members to go to market here.

Octopus have long been the favourite of our survey takers in Australia and we have no doubt they will do great things in New Zealand.

You can join Octopus Group here

Octopus Group claim to pay more than 80 to 400% more cash rewards than other survey panels, they pay cash into your bank account after you’ve accumulated $20 and they are super reliable.

They also offer a generous refer a friend program which can earn you up to $20 for every friend you refer. You can read more about Octopus Group in our review here.

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4 thoughts on “Help Bring Octopus Group Surveys to New Zealand”

  1. Hi Emma,

    I stay in Auckland and I have been following your blog since few months and find it really helpful. Thanks for the information here. Is Octopus survey available yet in NZ? I last checked with them and they said that we can link our 6 digit bank account number for redemption in bank, but I am not sure if that is the case. Do you have any experience with redemptions yet?

    Also for Paypal, I believe that we need to have minimum of $15 in the account to redeem and there is no way to add funds to the bank.


    • Hi Ritu, yes I have completed a redemption with Octopus. They actually had to edit the field as it couldn’t fit our 7 digit bank account number (like a suffix 002 instead of 02) but that was sorted quite quickly. Thank for commenting!

  2. I have been Octopus member and doing surveys in Australia. Now I have moved to New Zealand. Can I still do surveys from New Zealand? Thanks.

    • Hi Bharat, Welcome to New Zealand! Yes I believe you can. Get in touch with the team at Octopus and let them know you’ve moved to NZ as they will need to update your mobile for redemptions. I am getting some good surveys with them at the moment. All the best.


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